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I’ve just completed v.1.0 of “WordDataMerge”,  a small utility that takes a DOCX template with data fields ([[field1]], [[field2]]) and a data source (any data source that implements IEnumerable or IListSource) and generates a Word DOCX with one page per record.

Example Template: Template.docx

Output: Output.docx

Class library download + sample code to run the utility:





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Great Article on Sorting a Generic List in C#

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Windows Batch Script – Copy SQL Server Tables Across Servers

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Today, I’m explaining how to use a script that can copy an entire SQL Server database from one server to another. This is especially helpful when there is a need to copy production data to a development tier or vice versa. The script can also be customized to copy only a few tables, or even a single table.

The script works like this:

  • The syntax to run is:
    CopyDatabase server1 server2 myDatabase server1_user server2_user server1_password server2_password
  • A “bcp out” command is sent to a SQL Server database to return the data from a table and store the result as a file. I generally use the format “tablename.txt” to store the result in the same folder as the batch script.

    bcp myDatabase.dbo.myTable out myTable.txt -n -S %1 -U%4 -P%5
  • All of the data in the same table is deleted (be sure to backup your data before testing this script!)
    sqlcmd -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -Q "DELETE FROM myDatabase.dbo.myTable" -b
  • The data in the local TXT file is sent to the second SQL Server via a “bcp in” command.

    bcp myDatabase.dbo.myTable in myTable.txt -n -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -E

The full script is below. Add as many tables as necessary to meet your requirements.

@echo off
rem "Usage: CopyDatabase.bat ServerFrom ServerTo DatabaseTo Username Password"
@if "%5" == "" goto usage
echo Server From : %1
echo Server To : %2
echo Database To : %3
echo FromUsername : %4
echo FromPassword : %5
echo ToUsername : %6
echo ToPassword : %7

Echo Copying <tablename> from %1 ===========================================
bcp <tablename> out <filename> -n -S %1 -U%4 -P%5
rem *** Add more tables here ***
rem bcp <tablename2> out <filename2> -n -S %1 -U%4 -P%5
Echo Finished Copying ===================================================

Echo Begin DELETING =====================================================
Echo Deleting data from <tablename> on %2 =====================================

sqlcmd -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -Q "DELETE FROM <tablename>" -b
rem *** Add more tables here ***
rem sqlcmd -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -Q "DELETE FROM <tablename2>" -b

Echo Finished Deleting ====================================================

Echo Begin Importing ======================================================
Echo Loading <tablename> to %2 =============================================

bcp <tablename> in <filename> -n -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -E
rem *** Add more tables here ***
rem <tablename2> in <filename2> -n -S %2 -U%6 -P%7 -E

goto end
echo Usage: CopyDatabase.bat ServerFrom ServerTo DatabaseTo FromUsername FromPassword ToPassword ToPassword
echo Finished!
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